Saturday, 12 September 2015


I wrote this post back in July but never posted it and now I want to share
 it with you as I still strongly agree with what I said...

A couple of weeks ago I finished year 11 and effectively compulsory school education. Although I am staying for sixth form at my current at school, many of my friends are leaving and also all my classes and my form group will change which means I will be mixing with a whole new bunch of people! With the end of secondary school I am now looking back at what has been and forward at what is to come and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.
The truth is that people change, and that will always be the case, its how people deal with change that determines how positive or negative the experience is. During my secondary school life I did fall in and out of multiple friendships but there was one friend who I stayed close with throughout the whole five years however this friendship started to fall apart during year 10 and came to a more conclusive end just before the start of our GCSE's exams this year.  This really upset me. My view towards the situation constantly changed, I would convince myself that "whatever is meant to be will be" and I would ignore the deterioration but other days I would be curled up on my bed in tears, scrolling through pintrest quotes and wallowing in my own sadness of losing my friend. I thought of numerous things that I could do to try and mend the drift between me and my friend but the harsh reality is that once a crack appears, it takes both parties to fix it and it is an incredibly difficult feat as both friends are different people to who they were in the past and it is no use looking backwards when the current versions of both people are simply changed and don't get on as well. 
From this experience, and others similar, I now feel more confident in myself and being by myself and I have also accepted that the only person you should reply upon for your happiness is yourself. After realising these things, I have found it easier to deal with situations that, in the past, would have upset me and it is just due to a change in mindset and although it is difficult to start its gets easier and is worth it in the end when you are a generally happier person.
I know that in sixth form myself, and others, will continue to change and I'm actually looking forward to it (never thought I'd say that!) and I think it'll be exciting to mix with loads of different people as we all change. 
So, I just wanted to tell you to embrace the changes. Wisdom from past experiences has led me to share this with you and I hope that if you are currently in the situation that I was in the past that you have the strength to pull yourself out of your negative emotions and assess how positive your life is in other aspects and I believe that you can find that strength within yourself!

"Everything will be okay in the end. 
If it's not okay, it's not the end"

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