Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ladies who Brunch...

My best friend and I don't often have time to meet up and so when we do it's always a treat.
This time we wanted to do something a little bit different and so decided to go for a sophisticated brunch!
Our orignal plan was to go to Bill's however that seemed to be everyone else's idea too as they were full, we therefore turned to our trusty friend the internet for other places to find a scrummy delight.

Eventually, we found St. Giles Cafe, a cute little cafe on St. Giles (as the name would suggest haha!) It too was packed but a kind, old couple were leaving and offered us their table and exhausted from our expedition to find brunch we took it gratefully! 

We warmed up with a latte and a hot chocolate and then were both taken by the Blueberry and Bacon American style pancakes with a maple syrup (even thinking about it now my tummy is beginning to rumble!)
The light, fluffy pancakes were delicious and the salty bacon with the sweet maple syrup and the sharp blueberries were the perfect combination!

Ahhh...this brunch was so lovely!

Millie x

A Rainy Fireworks Night...

Many months have passed since I last blogged due to the pressures of school but I'm back (YAY!) with these photos from a rainy fireworks night back in November.

I've always really loved fireworks night because there is always a fantastic display in my village.
This time I decided to bring my camera along to see what moments I could capture and although I did have some difficulties trying to take still images without a tripod in the dark and also with the rain!

Anyway despite the problems I've gotta say I'm pretty pleased with these photo's! I just love the bokeh effect created by the rain drops on my camera lens, and the colours I captured - they're just such a perfect reminder of the evening.

I hope you like them as much as I do!

Speak soon,
Millie x